Why you need Southern Damage Appraisals:

  1. We provide you an un-biased assessment on the condition of your roof.
  2. We determine the reason your roof may not have reached its life expectancy and what recourse you may have.
  3. We help pinpoint problem areas on your roof and provide recommendations.
  4. Through our assessment, we help you avoid filing an unnecessary insurance claim which could lead to non-renewal of your homeowner’s policy.
  5. We provide you with detailed and accurate information to assist you in settling an insurance claim or hiring a roofing contractor.
  6. After you have a new roof installed, we can perform a post completion inspection to confirm it was properly installed.
  7. We offer evaluations of prospective real estate prior to purchase and assess the age, quality, and life expectancy of the roof. Most home inspectors will not get on a roof.