What Southern Damage Appraisals provides:

  1. Accurate field data to prepare competitive and professional proposals.
  2. Detailed estimates in the industry accepted Xactimate® format.
  3. Assistance determining the cause of difficult to troubleshoot roof leaks.
  4. Post installation inspections for customer peace of mind or for your quality control program.
  5. Unbiased 3rd party inspections to reference in a dispute.

Why Southern Damage Appraisals:

  1. OUR SERVICES MAKE YOU MORE PROFITABLE. Over-measurement mistakes can cause you to miss a bid and under-measuring mistakes can take a huge bite out of your bottom line.
  2. Using Southern Damage Appraisals allows you to reduce your field staff and decrease overhead costs.
  3. Since Southern Damage Appraisals is fully insured, you limit your Workers Compensation and General Liability exposure.
  4. We add credibility and professionalism to your team. Our accurate and reliable services will better your reputation and help improve your relationships with customers and insurance companies.
  5. We can help identify difficult installation problems that could delay you from getting paid.

* – Xactimate is a registered trademark of Xactware Solutions, Inc.