What we do
What does Southern Damage Appraisals do?
We provide quality roof inspections including- pictures, measurements, commentary on the roof condition, and full Xactimate® estimates.
Does Southern Damage Appraisals provide roofing or repair services?
No. To maintain our impartial perspective and prevent any conflicts of interest, SDA provides no construction or repair services. We can make recommendations on services needed and provide you with information about hiring a qualified contractor.
If Southern Damage Appraisals does not do any repair or construction work, why shouldn’t I just call a roofing contractor?
Not all roofing contractors are qualified to accurately inspect your roof, or they may not be willing to take the time to perform a complete inspection. Many roofing contractors are more motivated to make a sale than they are to make an accurate assessment.
Will Southern Damage Appraisals represent me in dealing with my insurance company?
Absolutely not. You may be able to settle your claim with the help of our report, however we do not get involved directly with your claim.
How will the report be delivered to me?
You will receive our report in portable document format (PDF) via email.
Is the accuracy of the report guaranteed?
Yes. Southern Damage Appraisals strives to maintain our stellar reputation with each inspection report, and we fully stand behind the finished product. Each report is fully reviewed by auditors prior to submission. Should an error be identified we will gladly revisit the report and in some cases re-inspect the property.
If I have storm damage, will my insurance company accept the Southern Damage Appraisals report?
The Southern Damage Appraisals report you receive will meet or exceed the standards of most insurance carriers. Your adjuster may be able to settle your claim based entirely upon your SDA report.
If I have damage and choose to file a claim, will my insurance company reimburse me for the cost of the Southern Damage Appraisals report?
Many insurance carriers view our services as a cost you incur to settle your claim. These carriers will reimburse you for the cost of your Southern Damage Appraisals report if your total covered claim cost exceeds the amount of your policy deductible.
Why not just let the insurance company inspect my roof for damage?
Many insurance carriers closely monitor your claim history and numerous claims could lead your policy cancellation or non-renewal. The cost of an inspection could save a blemish on your claim record.
Will Southern Damage Appraisals represent me in dealing with my insurance company?
Absolutely not. You may be able to settle your claim with the help of our report, however we do not get involved directly with your claim.
Southern Damage Appraisals Qualifications
What qualifies Southern Damage Appraisals to inspect roofs?
Southern Damage Appraisals utilizes only highly trained and capable inspectors with the required equipment and abilities to actually climb on the roof to perform a complete assessment. Each inspector has undergone extensive training and is well versed in all aspects of roof inspection.
How can a roofing contractor tell me my insurance company should pay to have my roof replaced, but my insurance adjuster denies my claim?
There can be many factors which determine whether or not a roof should be replaced, and this decision requires a certain level of knowledge and experience. A roofing contractor only benefits from a paid claim, and it’s only natural that they will be more lenient than the adjuster who holds the checkbook. Southern Damage Appraisals has no vested interest whether your claim is paid or not. You can count on a Southern Damage Appraisals inspection to be a true unbiased recommendation.
I had a contractor knock on my door and offer me a free inspection. Should I allow him on my roof?
No. There are few standardized qualifications for a person to call themselves a roofing contractor, and the requirements to legally operate a roofing business are relatively few. There are many professional, qualified roofing contractors in the market, but there are some that lack the appropriate knowledge, ethics, or both. As a general rule, good roofing contractors do not need to solicit door to door.
A roofing salesman claimed to see damage from the ground and never got onto my roof. Is that a legitimate way to inspect for damage?
This salesman can neither verify damage nor gather measurements to write an accurate estimate. He might promise you a “free roof” at whatever cost your insurance company will pay. Some roofers even resort to the fraudulent practice of creating manufactured damage in order to make a sale.
Roof Damage
What is manufactured damage?
Manufactured damage is intentional harm caused in a way to resemble storm damage for the purpose of generating a claim with your insurance company. Your insurance adjuster has been specifically trained to identify this condition which could lead to a denied claim.
I just had a new roof put on but now it is leaking. How can that be?
A new roof is only as good as the installers who put it on. There are many ways a roof can be installed incorrectly that can result in water infiltration. Southern Damage Appraisals can identify potential problem areas and installation defects.
Why can’t I just look at my roof and tell if it is installed correctly?
Some of the most critical components of a properly installed roof system cannot be seen without lifting shingles and knowing what to look for. A brand new high end laminate shingle roof may not last a fraction of the guarantee period if it is not properly installed. Southern Damage Appraisals can provide you with a “peace of mind” post installation inspection to ensure that the installation meets the shingle manufacturer’s design specifications.
Does someone have to be home to meet the inspector?
Not in most cases. The inspector will knock on the door to announce his presence, but no assistance by the homeowner is required. In cases of difficult to identify roof leaks, it may be necessary to gain access to the interior of the home. In this situation the Southern Damage Appraisals inspector will make an appointment and additional service fees may apply.
Will the inspector meet with my contractor or adjuster?
In normal cases the inspector will provide you with 1hr-4hr window of time during which he will arrive. Scheduling of appointments with contactors or adjusters is not practical.
Other Questions
Can Southern Damage Appraisals provide an estimated cost to repair or replace my roof?
Yes. Our ‘Estimate with Damage Assessment’ includes an estimate with industry standardized pricing in the most widely accepted Xactimate® format.
Could there be any hidden inspection costs?
All of the pricing for a Southern Damage Appraisals inspection is up front. Care should be taken to correctly describe the property when requesting a quote online. Should a second site visit be requested, additional costs may apply. You can request a quote if you require more than what is listed in our standard packages.
What happens if the Southern Damage Appraisals inspector gets hurt?
We are very proud of our superb safety record. In the unlikely event of an accident, Southern Damage Appraisals is fully covered with both General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance. We will gladly supply you with the appropriate certificates upon request.