About Us

At Southern Damage Appraisals, we utilize our extensive experience in the property claims field to advise insurance providers, contractors, and homeowners.  In addition to maintaining a license as a General Contractor with a Mechanical/HVAC endorsement, our roster includes former insurance adjusters, insurance agents, construction project managers, and HVAC technicians.

In an environment abounding in misinformation, Southern Damage Appraisals fulfills the need for accurate, unbiased and reliable data about not only measurements and dimensions, but also the condition and specifications of the materials used.

On roof system inspections, we utilize cutting edge technology to gather data on the roof system, but we also provide the vital human component on each inspection. Arial roof measurement services can furnish roof dimensions on some structures, providing adequate satellite imagery is available; however, they lack the ability to offer a complete inspection. At their very best, they can provide only part of the picture. Southern Damage Appraisals provides the most complete and accurate assessment of the entire roof picture.

Southern Damage Appraisals can provide a wide range of reliable data on several tiers. Ranging from basic measurement and photographic data to a complete analysis of the condition and composition of the roof, our highly skilled and trained inspectors provide real “boots on the roof” information about any roof within our ever expanding coverage area in a timely and professional manner.